BB dates for games 2019/20 (M&W)

Tuesday 10/8                                             Home Lawson St. (W) 7p   (Exhibition)

Thursday 10/10                                         Home (W) Wallace Hanceville 7p (Exhibition)  

Thursday 10/17                                          at Gadsden St (W) Exhibition 7p (Exhibition)

Tuesday 10/22                                           at Georgetown (W) 7:30est***

Thursday 10/24                                          at UAH (W) 7p NCAA D-2 ***

Thursday 10/24                                          at Bryan College (M)   NAIA

Saturday 10/26                                          at 8p est   Dalton St. College (M)   NAIA

Monday 10/28                                            at Faulkner 6p (W) & 8p (M)     NAIA                       

Saturday 11/2                                            at WAU (W) and (M)   NAIA   TBA

Monday 11/4                                              Home Talladega 6p (W) and (M) 8p NAIA

Thursday 11/7                                             at Cumberland TN 5:30 (W) NAIA***

Saturday 11/9                                             Home Judson (w) 6:30p Tugaloo (M) 8:30p   NAIA   

Tuesday 11/12                                             at UWA 5pm (W) 7pm (M)   NCAA-II

Fri. & Sat. 11/15 & 16                                at Miles College (W) at Lindsey Wilson Classic 2p (M) NAIA D-1 TBA

Monday 11/18                                             7p at (M) Miles NCAA D-2   *** 

Tuesday 11/19                                             Home 6p (W) Faulkner   NAIA

Thursday 11/21                                           at 6p (M) Tugaloo   NAIA

Saturday 11/23                                           Home 7p (M) Miles    NCAA – II

Monday 11/25                                             at 6p (W) University West Georgia   NCAA – II                         

Tuesday 12/3                                               at Cumberland TN (M) 7pm NAIA *** 

Thursday 12/5                                             at 7p UNA (W) NCAA – I***

Monday 1/6                                                  at Fisk 6:00p (W) and 8:00p (M)   NAIA

Saturday 1/11                                              at 7p est Georgetown, KY (M) NAIA D-1***

Tuesday 1/14                                                at Bethel 6p (W) and 8p (M)   NAIA

Thursday 1/16                                              Home Stillman 6p (W) and 8p (M)   NAIA

Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1/18, 19, &20   MLK   Home (W) WAU/ MUW (M) WAU/Clinton College***

Thursday 1/23                                               Home Cumberland TN 6pm (W) and 8pm (M) ***

Saturday 1/25                                               Home 6pm Martin Methodist NAIA (W) 8p MUW (M) USCAA  

Thursday 1/30                                               Home Miles (W)   NCAA – II

Saturday 2/1                                                  at 7:30p Cumberland KY (M)   NAIA

Monday 2/10                                                 at Judson (W) 6p 

Thursday 2/13                                                at Stillman (W) 6p and (M) 8p NAIA

Saturday 2/15                                               Home    Fisk 7p (W) & (M) 9p   NAIA

Monday 2/17                                                 at 6p (W) Martin Methodist   NAIA

Thursday 2/20                                                at MUW (W) 5:30 and (M) 7:30 USCAA D-1

Saturday 2/22                                                Home (M) Bryan College NAIA



Fri. & Sat. 9/6, 7                                    @ Lane College Tournament

Tuesday 9/17                                         Judson 6p

Thursday 9/19                                       @Tuskegee

Monday 9/23                                         Talladega 6p

Tuesday 9/24                                         Miles 6p

Thursday 9/26                                       @Fisk 6p


Tuesday 10/1                                         Lane 6p 

Sunday 10/7                                        Tuskegee 6p***

Monday 10/14                                       @Judson 6p

Tuesday 10/15                                       @Miles 6p

Thursday 10/17                                      Fisk 6p

Tuesday 10/22                                       @Talladega 6p**




Friday 9/6 MUW Women 1p/Men 3p

Sunday 9/8 @Fisk Men 3pm

Tuesday 9/10 Welch C Women 2p/Men 4p

Sunday 9/15 @Bethel Men 2p

Sunday 9/15 @UAH Women 4p

Wednesday 9/18 @Judson Women 7p

Sunday 9/22 @MM Women 1p/Men 3p

Friday 9/27 MM Women 1p/Men 3p

Sunday 9/29 Talladega Women 1p/Men 3p **


Thursday 10/3 @Fisk Men/6pm**

Sunday 10/6 @MUW Women 12p Men 2p

Wednesday 10/9 @ Covenant C. Women 6p Men 8p

Saturday 10/12 Fisk Men 7p

Sunday 10/13 @Talladega Women 3p/5p

Friday 10/18 Delta St Men 1p

Friday 10/25 Judson Women 1p